Personal Coaching

Gold medals before delivery to champions.

Fine tune your performance and/or overcome challenges. Coaching can help you reach your goals.


* How you already hold the keys to your success

* How changing your mental approach can change everything

* To bring mind and body into alignment with your goals

* Why positive thinking alone is seldom enough

* Techniques to instantly relax and focus

* To overcome obstacles to your success

* To overcome fears and regain confidence

* Strategies for successfully returning to riding/sports activities

* Much more!

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Coaching is provided in person or by telephone, depending on need, preference, and location. The following rates do not include travel outside of local provider area.

Individual and Group Coaching Available.

Call or email for additional information.

*PLEASE NOTE: Upon receipt of your order, you will be contacted via telephone or email to schedule your session(s).


Personal Coaching

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